7710 - Readings from Clairvoyant Journals

by Hannah Weiner

Side 1 27:42
Side 2 30:15


Clairvoyant Journal: March and April 1974

In 1970 Hannah Weiner began to see pictures and energy fields. Two years later she began to see words. This came after a period of intense artistic activity in the late 1960s, and after experimentation with altered states of consciousness and the development of a strong belief in yoga. She was interested in signaling, and had just completed a series of “Code Poem” performances, using the “International Code of Signals for the Use of All Nations.”

After nine months of seeing disorganized words in small print, all over the place—on curtains, walls, toes—she went on a retreat conducted by Swami Satchitananda. There, for the first time she saw words clearly printed on in capitals on her forehead.

At first the words appeared one at a time. Later, phrases and whole sentences began to appear, in various print sizes and script.
The words have a memory, relate to specific situations, give information not “consciously” available, answer questions, play language games, joke and tease. Sometimes she hears voices as well as seeing words.

Although the words are most often silent, Weiner started referring to them as “voices” when a second “personality” joined the original flow of words after her first retreat. The first voice often gives advice and is sometimes precognitive. The second voice is ironic. It’s a telepathic receptor of thoughts from a community of mutually dedicated friends linked through empathy—a group mind.

The voices are recorded in Hannah Weiner’s “Clairvoyant Journals.” In the 1974 “Journal,” lower case is used for Weiner’s own voice, capitals for the first, advisor voice, which appears on her forehead, and underlines for the second voice.

March and April 1974 from the Clairvoyant Journals are recorded on this tape. They were written right after the second voice appeared for the first time. Hannah Weiner is heard taking her own voice part, Sharon Mattlin reads the capitals (first voice), and Margaret De Coursey and Regina Beck read the underlines.

May and the June Retreat complete the 1974 “Clairvoyant Journal.”


released April 21, 1977

Insert Design by Mary Nell Hawk
Produced by Denis Thalson and Charlie Morrow
Performed by Hannah Weiner, Sharon Mattlin, and Margaret De Coursey


all rights reserved



Charlie Morrow Barton, Vermont

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