8126A - It Must Have Been the Candle

by Ocarina Orchestra

Side 1 26:59
Side 2 27:15


The New Wilderness Ocarina Orchestra was founded by a community of experimental artists and performers in the Fall of 1978. The Music is developed collectively and based on natural tuning and resonances produced by closely related instruments. The word Ocarina is from the Italian for small goose, and examples of the instrument found in China have been dated from 1300 B.C. Although originally used in religious ceremonies, ocarinas have spread throughout the world, often as children's toys. The ocarinas used by the Orchestra are simple clay flutes and whistles in bird, animal, and fish forms. They are made in Columbia, Guatemala, and Mexico.


released June 21, 1982

Cover Photo: Cynthia Eardley
Insert Design: Mary Nell Hawk
Engineered by Charlie Morrow with help from Eric Kirk and RIP Hayman


all rights reserved



Charlie Morrow Barton, Vermont

AUDIOGRAPHICS was a New Wilderness Foundation project of the 1970s. AUDIOGRAPHICS offered a number of sound artists the opportunity to record a variety of works - experimental and traditional music, poetry, storytelling and other sound and language art - in a professional recording studio. Now, you can stream these AUDIOGRAPHICS releases, here. ... more

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