8128A - How She Sees it By Her

by Arleen Schloss

Side 1 16:05
Side 2 17:37


The title of this tape is derived from the story HOW SHE SEES IT BY HER, a 58-page written journal of personal observations scanning life and survival in New York City (6/6-7/23/81). Later that year HOW SHE SEES IT BY HER took the form of public-personal-multi-media journal and was presented lived throughout New York City and in Montreal. Copies of this work are available in bookform, super 8 film, paintings, slides, and videotape.


released June 21, 1983

Executive Producer: Charlie Morrow for New Wilderness Audiographics
Producer: Arleen Schloss
Engineer: Connie Kieltyka
A very special thanks to Charlie Morrow, Connie Kieltyka, Alex Schloss, Gloria Schloss, Ray Kelly, Clair Fergusson, Tod Jorgensen
Creative Consultant: Do Monkey Productions
Graphic Design: Klemens Golf,
Insert Design: Mary Nell Hawk
Photograph: Lona Foote

Aldo, Angela Hans Schierl, Barbara Birkholz, Barbara Ess, Barbara Hammond, Bianca, Billy Bell, Bill Dunas, Blasse, Buster Cleveland, Carol E. Tuynman, Christa Gamper, Cynthia Turek, Davide Mora Catlett, Dianne Suprelle, Diane Torr, Ed Higgins, Enrico, Ernie Gusella, Ginny Lloyd, Gisella Birkholz Schloss, Gracie Mansion, Gusi, John Smead, Kathleen Kernell, Kwok Mang Ho, Lillan Von Binder, Lilio Iriion, Linda Burnham, Lona Foote, Luc Kolb, Lynne Pamela Kantor, Michael Keane, Moni Kellerman, Paco Underhill, Patti Boyd, Paul Schloss, Petra Rockerath, Peter Cummings, R.L. Seltman, Richard Lloyd, Rafael Jimenez, Rosma Scuterie, Robert Parker, Tzvi Ben-Aretz, Tomiyo Sasaki, Werner Schmiedel, Winnie Berrios


all rights reserved



Charlie Morrow Barton, Vermont

AUDIOGRAPHICS was a New Wilderness Foundation project of the 1970s. AUDIOGRAPHICS offered a number of sound artists the opportunity to record a variety of works - experimental and traditional music, poetry, storytelling and other sound and language art - in a professional recording studio. Now, you can stream these AUDIOGRAPHICS releases, here. ... more

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