8015A - Hearsayseeing

by R.I.P. Hayman

8015A-1 30:28
8015A-2 29:09


R.I.P. Hayman was born July 29, 1951 at Sandia, New Mexico. He was raised traveling and remains a nomad at heart. His education is varied and continuing. He was no degrees, no prizes, or cavities.

He has wandered the ways of newspaper boy, gardener, minstrel, medical aide, social worker, political campaigner, construction worker, pipe organ renovator, census enumerator, audio engineer, law researcher, sleep researcher, peddler (ear plugs in the subways), cook, bartender and publican, (Ear Inn), editor (Ear Magazine), and sailor (Eark).

As a composer, he has worked with voice, flute, piano, organ, ensembles, orchestra, ocarinas, tape, electronics, bells, percussion, telephones, toys, words, dance, theater, kites, horses, sleep, the blind, dry ice, film, video, fire, and visual phenomena.

"My interest in music and performance is the exploration of acoustic social phenomena. The work is based in the awareness of sound, mingling meditation, mystery, humor, and human response. It is tangible spirit intended for live audience/participants. I seek the unheard... for people, who are the source of my life. It is done with love: caring, continuance, and ecstasy. I do this because it is the most real and imagined, detached and involved, earthy and ethereal way I can live and never know what will be. Hearing is believing!"


released April 21, 1981

Produced by Charlie Morrow, engineering by John Guth
Performed by R.I.P. Hayman, Charlie Morrow, Barbara Held, Rena Miller, Andrew Bolotowsky, Stuart Leigh, David Garland, Andor Orand and Glen Velez
"C See Sea Suite" written by Barbara Held


all rights reserved



Charlie Morrow Barton, Vermont

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