8124A - Cross Fire

by Patty Mucha

Side 1 29:13
Side 2 29:54


Patty Mucha is a poet/farmer (as recorded on her current IRS statement).
Her words are "world renown"; her beans are spectacular.
She speaks for all who have ears to hear, she speaks the Truth.
Her potatoes are usually underground.
Her rhyme is simple and straightforward. Sing/songy when the content demands, loose as the prose expands.
Her hills are covered with "wild thyme."
Her work is autobiographical in that she has difficulty transferring consciousness to another being, altho' her body sometimes leaves her in a pinch.

Her beets are picked, her corn... dried, her raspberry patch grown crazy; a close second to the Jerusalem artichokes which she no longer takes responsibility for.
Her words are "prophetic"... i.e. "She's seen the Light."
Her onions are hung up to dry.
She encourages all to work fast towards the end which she fears in sight.
She is a friend to all animals, from teensy-tiny field mice to big Black Bears.
Her thoughts are celestial, bestial, humanoid, but mostly profound as "pure" water.
Her flower garden is sometimes overcome with weeds
She visits the big city often to see other poets and cultured folks who share her need to get the word out.
She has learned there is no such thing as a weed and eats almost anything green.
The Hopis say we have very little time left before Mamma Earth will do her final shake-up routine.
The Hopi Prophesy may come true if we (humans) do not heed the obvious warnings (Spiritual, Physical-earthly, Cosmic) that abound.
This means cleaning up our lives real fast!
This means Loving one another, even our enemies (who may in fact be ourselves).

The pendulum must swing to the "loving" side of man.
Survival of the Planet (of man) is the name of the game.
Patty believes this prophecy. Purify!
She listens to the inner voice, her Higher Spirit, which she has recently recognized as Jesus, altho' His name sometimes comes out as "Jeus" on her typewriter. Her spirit talks to her and gives her messages as well as "lines" which she fits into her poems. Do you know which ones they are? I AM.

With the exception of "Sing," this tape spans work from January 1979 through April 1980. Two Books predate this tape published under her married name (Oldenburg). "Poems Traveling" 1971-1973 and "See Vermont" 1974-1978.

She loves to sing.
She would like to thank the Universal father without whose help she could not live, let alone write... and the reader of these lines who will soon hear her voice. All Love and Light.


released June 20, 1980

New Wilderness Audiographics production by John Guth
Insert Design by Mary Nell Hawk
Production Manager Jan Carol Greenwald
Performed by Patty Mucha


all rights reserved



Charlie Morrow Barton, Vermont

AUDIOGRAPHICS was a New Wilderness Foundation project of the 1970s. AUDIOGRAPHICS offered a number of sound artists the opportunity to record a variety of works - experimental and traditional music, poetry, storytelling and other sound and language art - in a professional recording studio. Now, you can stream these AUDIOGRAPHICS releases, here. ... more

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