8122A - Secret Songs

by Tom Johnson

Side A 28:22
Side B 26:54


The "Secret Songs" begin with a short piece called "Lolmo", which i wrote when I was 19. As a college sophomore in the late fifties, I had never even heard of sound poetry, but I got interested in playing around with phonemes and syllables anyway, and I wrote that piece. One of my friends at that time was another Yale student, an aspiring poet named Jareb Carter, and I remember that we had some long discussions about "Lolmo." Was it poetry? Was it music? Was it valid? What should I do with it? I didn't really know, and Jeb didn't either, and my music teachers at the time weren't interested, so I went on to other concerns, and "Lolmo," along with a number of similar experiments, sat in a trunk for about 15 years.

By the mid-70's, the term sound poetry was well known, the possibilities were being widely explored. It was even clear that the idiom had a history and that similar sorts of work could be traced even into the 19th century.

Gradually my interest in this sort of material was renewed, and I began to find all sorts of sound poems that I wanted to work on. Most of these were completed by 1976, when I presented the first performances of "Secret Songs", though a few have been added since.


released April 21, 1981

Production Managers: John Guth and Andrew Hindes
Insert Design by Mary Nell Hawk
Performed by Tom Johnson


all rights reserved



Charlie Morrow Barton, Vermont

AUDIOGRAPHICS was a New Wilderness Foundation project of the 1970s. AUDIOGRAPHICS offered a number of sound artists the opportunity to record a variety of works - experimental and traditional music, poetry, storytelling and other sound and language art - in a professional recording studio. Now, you can stream these AUDIOGRAPHICS releases, here. ... more

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