7712A - Natural Assemblages and the True Crow

by Alison Knowles

Side 1 28:07
Side 2 25:05


“A sequence may be indicated but is never enforced. In a way, the Big Book concretizes Alison Knowles’ event pieces. It not only sets the stage for, but through various additive devices such as light and sound partakes in the action. Offering art within art, life within life and a world within a world, the Big Book comes closer than any work in this exhibition to a radical dissolution of the barriers that separate art from life: it proposes art as life.” –Jan van der Marck, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Illinois, Museum Catalogue ‘68

“(her work in) audio-visual performance and responsive environments. (she tells us) that the existence of an object at any instant is a repetition of its existence at all prior moments and that continuity in time is a continuous restatement of all material elements from their beginning to their end points… the slight shifts in after image suggest that repetition with changes in position – a bringing back of the past in terms of the present.” –Charlie Morrow, Soho Weekly News ‘74

“Knowles’ sense of scale – shoe parts, metal drum, ladder, all align with the human body and its movements within an interior environment, suggestive of a larger psychic space.” –Anne-Sargent Wooster, Soho Weekly News ‘76

“Perhaps most characteristic of all, every Knowles piece seems designed to allow her to remove herself eventually from her artistic role. She is hoping that the process will go on… she seems to be wishing that people would bring a greater sensitivity into their daily lives, so that artists would no longer have to encourage them to do so.”—Tom Johnson, The Village Voice ‘78

Allison Knowles was born in New York City in 1933, and graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She is a visual and performance artist, a member of the original Fluxus group. Her environments, the Big Book, the House of Dust and the Bean Garden are collections of discarded street objects, gift materials, and taken for granted daily occurrences such as eating a tunafish sandwich. She uses chance operations to structure her collections, and upscaled size to put sound art and images into contact.


released April 21, 1977

Insert Design by Mary Nell Hawk
Produced by Denis Thalson and Charlie Morrow
Performed by Allison Knowles
Photograph by Dick Higgins


all rights reserved



Charlie Morrow Barton, Vermont

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